Marginalization of the Russian Federation threatens to lose interest in its war in Ukraine, – Holobutskyi


China wants a new bipolar world: with the sphere of influence of the US and the sphere of influence of the PRC?

In fact, it is precisely as a demonstration of such ambitions that Xi’s words can be perceived. But the USA – that the White House Administration, senators and congressmen – are not ready to recognize China as an equal and give it the preferences corresponding to the role of the “second hegemon”.

In the context of Russia’s prospects, this statement generally sounds unfortunate for the Kremlin: Russia is becoming an object in the “zone of historical interests” of China. That’s how Si presented it.

In fact, the Russian Federation has slipped from claims to at least regional, and maybe world (with the help of a nuclear cudgel) leadership to the role of a closed marginal resource enclave of its master, China. With an actively formed cult of the messiah-martyr for the truth.

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For us, this means the prospect of marginalization of a possible negotiation process: “Who is interested in what the resource appendage claims? Give what the USA wants for Ukraine, we have already agreed on everything here for you.” Yes, it is too early to talk about something specific. But in general, the situation is moving in the direction of such a development.


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