Zelensky: one seat in the UN Security Council is still occupied

Massive strikes on Ukraine – Russia is preparing a new attack

Volodymyr Zelenskyi emphasized that the Defense Forces of Ukraine are preparing for this, and the authorities are working out all scenarios, including with partners.

Zelensky warned Ukrainians about the threat of missile strikes / photo president.gov.ua Zelensky warned Ukrainians about the threat of missile strikes / photo president.gov.ua

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicts that the next week may be difficult, Russia is preparing new strikes on Ukraine.

Terrorists are preparing new strikes, and as long as they have missiles, they will not rest, the president said in his evening speech video messages. He urged citizens to help each other.

“But our ability to help each other and take care of those who have the most difficulties – the elderly, families with children, those from whom the war took away their homes and relatives… – our mutual assistance is one of the elements of protection against terror and our strength,” he emphasized.

Zelensky noted that the next week may be as difficult as the week that is passing.

“Our Defense Forces are preparing. The whole state is preparing. We are working out all scenarios, including with our partners,” he said.

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“And our unity with you must be ready. Therefore, please do not leave without help those whom you can help. Please heed the air warning signals during the week. All together and by helping each other, we will pass this challenge of war : this winter, this is Russia’s attempt to use the cold against people,” the head of state emphasized.

Massive attacks on Ukraine

As UNIAN reported, on November 23, Russia once again carried out a massive missile attack on Ukraine. According to the National Police, 10 people, including two children, became victims of rocket attacks. Another 52 people were injured.

Residential buildings, CHPPs, TPPs and substations in Kyiv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv and Zaporizhzhia regions were hit. Air defense destroyed 5 drones and 51 of almost 70 missiles fired by Russian troops.

Many regions were left without electricity, water, heating and communications. The worst situation occurred in Kyiv and Odesa region.

Due to damage to energy facilities, there was a shortage of electricity, in connection with this, emergency power outages were introduced in the regions.

In the morning today, November 27, “Ukrenergo” reported that the deficit of electricity in Ukraine has been reduced to 20%, which already allows energy companies to alternate the restrictions of consumers evenly.

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