Medicines and baby food were saved: Kupyansk hospital resumes work after shelling  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Medicines and baby food were saved: Kupyansk hospital resumes work after shelling News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The enemy aimed at the main building of the polyclinic, the place where doctors work and patients, who are sure of the Kupyan hospital. On November 23, the occupiers hit the city three times – they hit a medical facility, a school, a residential building, and a multi-story building. Two bystanders died from their injuries. A fire broke out in the hospital.

Tetyana Vechir, doctor of the Kupyan Central City Hospital

In that building, we had an office of professional examiners, an oncology office, with file cabinets, equipment, a prosthetics office, a trust office, master’s rooms, and two halls with recently received medicines. Children’s medicines, baby food, diapers, medicines of various profiles. We just managed to save the medicine, everything was moved yesterday, the baby food was moved, it got stuck there a little, but then we will dry it. We managed to remove one cryotherapy device, but everything burned, everything was covered in soot.

Doctors are trying to clean up everything themselves and fully resume work as soon as possible.

Yuriy Domalega, surgeon

We are now cleaning from burning, dust, glass, sand and clogging the outside of fiberboard. This part of the building will be mothballed, and the second half, if there is light, we will work. Today, people have already come for dressings, to remove stitches. We started doing this yesterday. We came to work, there was an arrival and firefighters put out fires, and we have already begun to slowly disassemble, this is our workplace. People come to us for help, we need to keep half of the clinic and continue to work.

According to the law enforcement officers, the occupiers fired from the Uragan multiple rocket launcher system.

We live down there, the impression was that the roof had risen. We found out – our brother sent, he is in the Khmelnytsky region and he sent us about the 9-storey building, the school and the clinic.

Eduard Myrhorodskyi, head of the Kupyan district prosecutor’s office

A local polyclinic, a lyceum, and a high-rise building were fired upon. Three elderly men were injured, and a woman and a man who were passing by the clinic were also killed. Every day, Kupyansk is shelled by the Russian Federation, shelling is carried out both at night and during the day, which threatens the peaceful population.

Under the procedural leadership of the Kupyan district prosecutor’s office, pre-trial investigations were started on the facts of violations of the laws and customs of war (Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Since September, since the liberation of the city, more than a hundred such criminal proceedings have been instituted.

Medicines and baby food were saved: Kupyansk hospital resumes work after shelling on the 7th

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