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The Security Service of Ukraine reports the neutralization of a criminal group involved in racketeering in the Transcarpathian region. Department writesthat during a special operation the leader of the gang was detained – a current deputy of the regional council from the banned party OPZZH, who in the criminal environment has the status of a criminal authority. He is also the godfather of ex-people’s deputy and suspected treason Viktor Medvedchuk, the SBU notes.

The department reports that the detainee is a long-time associate and godfather of Medvedchuk, who, in turn, appointed the defendant as the head of the regional cell of the banned OPZZH.

Po information from open sources, the head of the regional cell of the banned OPZZH and a deputy of the regional council in Transcarpathia was Ivan Chubirko. The department does not name the detainee.

In March 2022, the person involved planned to become a people’s deputy instead of his fellow party member, a fugitive suspected of treason, Ilya Kiva, who was deprived of his deputy mandate, the SBU notes.

According to the investigation, the detainee organized a gang that tried to β€œkeep the residents of the region at bay” and β€œknock” money out of them.

β€œTo do this, they created artificial conflict situations or fictitious β€œcommercial” disputes, and then demanded money for their resolution. If they refused to pay β€œtribute,” the bandits threatened the victims with violence and β€œconfiscation” of private property,” the department explains.

It is documented that the deputy, together with his β€œright hand” (another crime boss), demanded $135,000 from a local businessman, writes the SBU.

To force the man to give up the money, the gang leader’s accomplice stole his car and promised to return it if the entire amount of the fictitious β€œdebt” was paid, law enforcement officers note.

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The agency writes that it detained the deputy and his accomplice β€œred-handed” when they were given the first part of the money ($20,000) from the injured entrepreneur.

During searches at the places of work and residence of the detainees, material evidence of criminal activity was discovered, the SBU reports.

Currently, the defendants have been detained and a report of suspicion is being prepared for them for extortion committed by an organized group under martial law and for illegal seizure of a vehicle.

They face up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property.

The issue of choosing a preventive measure for him – detention in custody – is being decided. The investigation continues, the SBU states.

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