Melnyk offers Germany to give Tornado combat aircraft to Ukraine - news from Ukraine, Politics

Melnyk offers Germany to give Tornado combat aircraft to Ukraine – news from Ukraine, Politics

Deputy Foreign Minister and ex-ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnyk offers Germany to transfer Tornado combat aircraft to Ukraine. He wrote about this in Twitter.

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The Bundeswehr has 93 Tornado multipurpose combat aircraft, which will soon be retired and replaced by American F-35s, Melnik said. Therefore, the diplomat has a “creative proposal” for German friends.

“Although this is an old fighter, it is still very powerful. Why not supply these Tornados to Ukraine?” – he wrote and noted the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

REFERENCE. The Panavia Tornado is a supersonic aircraft developed by Germany, Italy and the UK in the 1970s. 990 such aircraft were built, the only foreign operator is Saudi Arabia.

Melnyk offers Germany to give Ukraine Tornado warplanes

Depending on the modification, it can perform the role of a fighter-bomber, air defense suppression, and interceptor. Able to carry 9000 kg of payload, reach speeds of 2400 km / h at an altitude of 9 km and 1482 km / h at an altitude near sea level.

  • Since the first weeks of the big war, Ukraine has been asking partners to supply aircraft, but so far it has not received it.
  • On January 20, a meeting of partners in the Ramstein coalition will take place. The day before, one of the main topics was the possible delivery of German Leopard tanks. Poland is ready to give them, for example, but permission from Germany is needed.

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