messages are sent to Ukrainians urging them to surrender


About this reported in the Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Ukrainian users of Signal, which is used by military personnel, received a mailing with a call to “choose life” at a certain frequency. This is the frequency at which Ukrainians can apparently voluntarily surrender to captivity,” the report says.

In the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is indicated that in this way the Russian Federation is aping the Ukrainian project “I want to live”, launched by Ukrainian intelligence in 2022. As of August 26, Russians submitted more than 24,000 applications in which they expressed their desire to surrender.

“At the same time, there is a detention camp for Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine according to all the standards of the Geneva Conventions – with a dormitory, three meals a day, with a library, sports fields and a pool in which carp swim. The Red Cross and the mass media have access to this camp,” – noted in StratCom.

They emphasized that, on the other hand, Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Russian Federation are treated horribly: they are beaten, tortured with electric current, kept hungry, denied medical care and psychologically abused. In addition, outside organizations, including the UN and the Red Cross, do not have access to their detention facilities.

StratCom reminded of the terrorist attack committed by Russia in the occupied Olenivka: an explosion occurred in the colony in July 2022, killing at least 53 Ukrainian military prisoners.

“So all the calls of the Russians to surrender in order to ‘stay alive’ are just empty words. Choosing Russia means choosing death,” added StratCom.

  • On July 12, it became known that since the beginning of the counter-offensive with the Ukrainian military, relatives from the Russian Federation began to communicate en masse. This is part of the enemy’s special information operations. The use of personal and family contacts is a method actively used by the Soviet special services. Currently, they are widely used by Russian special services.



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