Meta will pay $725 million in a case about the privacy of Facebook users' data

Meta will pay $725 million in a case about the privacy of Facebook users’ data

About this informed in CNBC.

Facebook’s parent company is Meta Platforms Inc. agreed to pay $725 million in a class-action lawsuit. The tech giant is alleged to have provided access to user data to third parties without permission.

According to CNBC, the lawsuit was pending in the District Court of the State of California. And the amount of compensation has become a record in cases of disclosure of personal data.

“We sought to resolve the situation in the best interests of our community and shareholders. Over the past three years, we have reformed our approach to privacy and implemented a comprehensive privacy protection program,” Meta said in a statement.

  • We will remind, on March 17, 2018, it became known that the British-American company Cambridge Analytica collected profile data of 50 million users of the Facebook social network in 2016 without their consent. The purpose of the data collection was allegedly to create software for the election campaign of US presidential candidate Donald Trump to predict electoral decisions

  • Facebook rejected the accusations and noted that the data was provided to Cambridge Analytica by users voluntarily.

  • On March 20, 2018, the European Commission announced that it is demanding an explanation from Facebook regarding the unauthorized use of personal data of users during the Trump campaign.

  • As a result of the scandal, the head of Cambridge Analytica was removed from his duties.

  • Soon after, the first class action lawsuit was filed in the US due to a large-scale data breach.

  • Mark Zuckerberg has rejected calls to quit Facebook and fire employees, saying he takes full responsibility for the data leak.

  • On May 2, 2018, the political analytical company Cambridge Analytica, which was at the center of the scandal with the data leak of 87 million Facebook users, announced its closure.


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