MGU supervisory board delays liquidation of company to save positions, salaries – GTSOU head

MGU supervisory board delays liquidation of company to save positions, salaries – GTSOU head

Most members of the Supervisory Board of JSC Mahistralni Gazoprovody Ukrainy (MGU) are trying to drag out the process of liquidating the company to maintain their positions and salaries, Serhiy Makogon, who was recently dismissed from the post of head of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) LLC.

“Many people ask why the decision of MGU to dismiss me was made at a time when the war is on and the most difficult heating season begins. The answer is very simple: in a few weeks it was planned to completely liquidate MGU and dismiss all members of the MGU Supervisory Board. GTSOU planned to create own supervisory board, which was supposed to elect the new leadership of the GTSOU in an open competition,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, the draft decision was actively developed by the Ministry of Economy in accordance with the target model of the corporate reform of the GTSOU, which was developed by the World Bank consultants with the involvement of the Energy Community Secretariat.

“Of course, MGU did not want to wait for its liquidation, loss of positions and salaries. Therefore, they decided to act all-in and fire me as the main promoter of this reform, and then try to block its implementation or delay it as much as possible. I already see such signals on the MGU website,” Makogon said.

MGU announced on its website that it had prepared a bill, “which is designed to eliminate risks, existing obstacles and ensure the rapid implementation of the common position of all stakeholders on the need to move to a single company model.”

“The need to adopt a new law means an opportunity to bury the reform under the dome of the Verkhovna Rada for years. Although at present, it was supposed to carry out the reform without any changes to the laws. There were several options to choose from. There would be a desire. I hope that under pressure from Western partners, the reform will be completed to its logical conclusion,” Makogon said.

The Supervisory Board of MGU includes ex-Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk, ex-employee of Naftogaz and Ukrtransgaz Tetiana Fedorova (both representatives of the state), lawyer Iryna Marushko, Huberte Bettotville and Jan Chadam (three are independent).


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