MiG-35S – new Russian fighters


It is noted that the order for these planes was made back in 2018, and only six machines were produced in five years.

It is unlikely that the Russian Federation will be able to produce more MiG-35, analysts are sure / screenshot

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that it had received the first six serial MiG-35S fighters, which are the next modernization of the MiG-29.

As noted by the military portal Defence Express, the order for these aircraft was made back in 2018, i.e. it took five years to produce a relatively small batch of fighters. Analysts conclude that the deployment of MiG-35 production at a much faster pace is hardly possible for the Russians in the foreseeable future.

“The MiG-35S fighter itself is another modernization of the MiG-29, its first flight took place back in 2017. At the same time, this aircraft in the Russian Federation was rather considered as an export machine in which the Russian troops are not very interested. And the order for six MiG- 35C for its own forces, most likely, was connected with the fact that in the late 2010s, the Russian Federation tried to sell this machine for export… During all this time, not a single customer was found for this fighter,” – it is said in the publication.

MiG-35S fighter – characteristics

According to analysts, the updated MiGs have the following characteristics:

  • maximum take-off weight – 24,500 kg;
  • maximum combat load – 6500 kg;
  • number of suspension points – 9;
  • engines – 2 RD-33 series 3M with an afterburner thrust of 8800 kgf;
  • maximum speed – 2100 km / h;
  • maximum flight range – 3000 km.

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MiG-35S fighter – what else is known about it

It is noted that in the new version of the machine, the mechanization of the wing was strengthened and its area was increased, the new “Beetle” radar was integrated, the integrated EW complex, the RD-33 engine was updated, as well as the partial digitization of systems and the integration of new weapons, including the possibility of hitting ground targets.

“Compared to the Soviet MiG-29, the capabilities of the MiG-35 are much greater, but they still cannot compete with the heavier Su-30 or Su-35, which are in serial production. And therefore, the MiG-35S is unlikely to be put into real use in the Russian Air Force whether it will happen,” analysts believe.

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