Military assistance to Ukraine. US Congressional Leaders Want to Pass Package Before Christmas – NBC News | News of Ukraine


US Congressional leaders want to pass new military aid packages to Ukraine and Israel by the end of 2023. About it said in the material of the NBC News channel.

Journalists write that Senate leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, believe that the best path to writing a bill that has a chance of passing both chambers and getting the signature of the US President is Joe Bidenshould probably come from the Senate.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has said that providing aid to Ukraine and Israel will be his priority between Thanksgiving and Christmas (November 23 to December 25).

“I know that both sides sincerely care about approving aid to Israel and Ukraine and aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip. I hope that we can reach an agreement, even if neither side gets everything it insists on. But we will start work on this immediately,” Schumer said.

A senior Senate GOP aide said the bill would need to be bipartisan to have a chance of passing.

Four NBC News Senate sources said the window between Thanksgiving and Christmas is critical.

“I think Israel will be accepted as autonomous and Ukraine will be accepted in tandem with progress on the border. On the positive side, I think the speaker wants results on Israel, Ukraine and the border,” said one Republican lawmaker.

  • According to an Ipsos poll conducted in mid-November, 41% of Americans support giving arms to Ukraine, which is 10% more than support for arms to Israel.
  • Bloomberg reported that the US Congress could approve the next aid to Ukraine sometime in mid-December.
  • On November 17, US Department of Defense Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said that passage of the aid package to Ukraine and Israel is important for the national security of the United States, and on behalf of the Pentagon she called on Congress to do so.

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