military support will strengthen Ukraine's position in the negotiations

military support will strengthen Ukraine’s position in the negotiations

That’s what he’s about stated in an interview with the German publication Welt.

“We can strengthen Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table if we provide it with military support. The best way to support peace is to support Ukraine,” he said.

He admitted that interaction with Ukraine has a certain value in Western societies.

“Rising bills for food and electricity mean hard times for many households in Europe. But we must remember that the people of Ukraine pay with their blood every day,” Stoltenberg emphasized.

According to him, Putin’s victory in the war against Ukraine will encourage other dictators to follow his example.

“This could mean more war and more suffering. It will make our world even more dangerous. It is in our own interests for Ukraine to win,” he said.

According to Stoltenberg, German air defense systems will help protect homes, schools and hospitals from Russian missiles.

  • On November 27, Ukraine received 10 M1070 Oshkosh tank tractors from Germany. Also, Germany plans to transfer a hundred generators worth more than 13 million euros to Ukraine in order to alleviate difficulties after large-scale damage to critical infrastructure.

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