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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley in an interview with an American newspaper The Washington Post commented on the counteroffensive of the Defense Forces. He said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are slowly but surely advancing, at the same time, the Russian occupiers are facing a number of difficulties.

According to him, the Russians are in a “rather bad condition.”

“They have suffered huge losses. Their morale is not up to par. The quality of commanders is questionable and heterogeneous – depends on the type of unit. There are clearly many misunderstandings at the strategic level of command. Logistics are not at their best,” Milley said.

Asked if Ukraine could win, he said: “It all depends on what you mean by ‘win’.

He explained that for Ukraine this war is a struggle for survival, but for the rest of Europe, the world community and the United States, the essence is to support international norms and rules.

“What Putin did is a frontal attack on the rules of the international order that have been in place for eight decades since the end of World War II,” the American general said.

According to him, if the result of the war is a free and independent Ukraine with the preservation of territorial integrity, this will require significant efforts and time.

Regarding diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, Milley declined to comment on future developments and current negotiations. He believes that it is still too early to talk about such issues, since the current counter-offensive has not yet ended, and we need to wait for developments.

  • On August 16, 2023, Syrsky said that the situation had become more complicated in the Kupyansk direction, the Ukrainian command had decided to strengthen the defense.
  • The lieutenant-general noted that the Russian infidels are forced to regroup in the Liman direction, and the task of the Defense Forces is to make the most of the situation.
  • On the morning of August 17, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russian infidels were advancing in the areas of Kupyansk and Donetsk, as well as counterattacking near Urozhayne and Novodarovka in the south.

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