Minsk portrays “openness to dialogue” with the EU, this is false propaganda – Polish intelligence services | News of Ukraine


In propaganda of the regime of the Belarusian dictator Alexandra Lukashenko new motives appeared – signals about Minsk’s “openness” to dialogue with the future government of Poland. About it wrote in X (Twitter) Government Commissioner for Information Security of Poland Stanislav Zharyn.

As Zharyn noted, in Minsk they are pretending that they have not tried to harm Poland since the summer of 2021 with a hybrid operation to destabilize the Polish-Belarusian border, which is still ongoing.

He noted that this operation is constantly accompanied by repetitions of accusations against Poland of allegedly committing “genocide” against “refugees” who managed or tried to cross the border.

Such motives in the propaganda of Belarus appeared because Lukashenko is trying to use the situation in Poland after the elections to soften the position of the Polish government in relation to the hostile actions of Minsk, Zharyn believes.

He emphasized that at the same time Russia and Belarus continue to launch propaganda attacks to undermine mutual trust between Poles and Ukrainians. It is in this spirit that Russian propaganda covers protests by Polish carriers on the border with Ukraine.

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