Missile attack on Kyiv hydroelectric power plant to not cause catastrophic consequences – Ukrhydroenergo

Missile attack on Kyiv hydroelectric power plant to not cause catastrophic consequences – Ukrhydroenergo

Likely damage to the hydraulic structures of Kyiv hydroelectric power plant (HPP) as a result of a missile strike will not cause catastrophic consequences, the website of PrJSC Ukrhydroenergo reported on Monday.

“The hydraulic structures of Kyiv HPP are in good condition, a dam failure is unlikely, and the likely damage from a missile attack will not cause catastrophic consequences,” the company said.

As Ukrhydroenergo said, in the event of a missile attack by Russian troops directly on the dam of the Kyiv hydroelectric complex, a critical threat to the population is not predicted.

“Since the plant itself and the dam were designed and built in the 60s, taking into account the threats of that time, with a significant margin of safety and stability, it is not so easy to destroy or significantly damage massive hydraulic structures with a missile attack,” the company said.

At the same time, the company explained that in the event of damage to the metal gates of the dam, a gradual uncontrolled leakage of water from Kyiv reservoir may occur, resulting in a short-term flooding of some areas in the lower basin of the hydroelectric complex.

However, the flood zones will be insignificant and known to both the State Emergency Service and local authorities. Therefore, local residents will be notified in advance, Ukrhydroenergo added.

“From the point of view of reliability, the hydraulic structures of Kyiv HPP, like other plants of the company, do not raise any doubts, which is confirmed by the relevant conclusions of the interdepartmental commission, which conducts their examination every five years,” the company’s website states.

As Ukrhydroenergo informed, the hydraulic structures of Kyiv HPP are equipped with control and measuring gear in the amount provided for by the project. The composition and number of controlled indicators correspond to the current regulatory documents.

The hydraulic structures are equipped with an automated system for managing the safety of hydraulic structures, which provides round-the-clock continuous monitoring of the main indicators of the state of structures. Constant operational control and functioning of the automated system for monitoring the safety of structures ensure the timely identification of any prerequisites for changing the state of structures and preventing an emergency.

“Therefore, Ukrhydroenergo considers the dissemination of unfounded assessments of catastrophic consequences of a possible breakthrough of the Kyiv HPP dam as a dubious, inappropriate, and sometimes harmful activity aimed at escalating panic,” the company concluded, refuting the information of a number of media about the alleged catastrophic consequences in the event of a missile attack on the hydraulic structures at Kyiv hydroelectric power plant.

Ukrhydroenergo operates all major hydroelectric power plants located on the Ukrainian sections of the Dnipro and Dniester Rivers.

Fuente: interfax.com.ua

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