Missile strikes on Kharkiv and shelling of the border: the situation in Kharkiv Oblast during the day


At 11:10 p.m., the occupiers struck three times in the Kholodnohirsky district of Kharkiv. The type of missiles is set. As a result of the shelling, a fire broke out in a non-residential building.

No casualties, informs head of HOVA Oleg Sinegubov.

During the day, Berestov of the Kupyan district, Kopanka and Shyykivka of the Izyum district were hit by airstrikes in the region.

More than 16 settlements of the region came under artillery fire, including Odnorobivka, Strelecha, Vovchansk, Ozerne, Stroivka, Dvorichna, Synkivka, Petropavlivka, Ivanivka, Kislivka.

At 10:30 a.m. in Vovchansk, Chuguyiv District, the premises of a kindergarten, a fence, a playground, and power lines were damaged as a result of enemy artillery fire. No casualties.

At 19:00 in Vovchansk, on the territory of the forestry, as a result of the shelling of the occupiers, litter on an area of ​​300 square meters was on fire. m.

During the day, there were no casualties as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

Explosive technicians of the State Emergency Service examined 4.7 hectares of the territory of the region during the day and neutralized 92 explosive objects. 31 pyrotechnic calculations of the State Emergency Service were involved in the works – 157 people and 63 pieces of equipment.

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