Mobilization resources are being actively checked in Belarus

Mobilization resources are being actively checked in Belarus

The relevant measures continue throughout the current month.

Mobilization resources are being checked in Belarus /

Active verification of mobilization resources has been going on in Belarus for almost a month.

This is reported in the morning news summary General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian State Security Service, the verification of mobilization resources has been ongoing since the beginning of October.

“Special groups have been created at the local executive authorities to check and clarify information about potential conscripts. The type of activity of men of draft age, military accounting specialties and family status is being clarified,” the summary says.

Meanwhile, there is still a threat of missile and air strikes on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, including the use of Iranian-made attack drones.

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The role of Belarus in the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine – what is known

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Belarus has become a bridgehead for the Russian army. It was from there that the attack on the northern regions of our country began and missile strikes are launched on Ukrainian cities.

Recently, the activity of the enemy on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border has increased. At the same time, British intelligence believes that a new invasion of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus is now unlikely. Russia is unlikely to be able to assemble the required number of combat-ready formations due to the fact that its forces are already deployed in Ukraine.

Earlier, journalists analyzed satellite images from the Zyabrovka airfield near the Belarusian Gomel and came to the conclusion that active changes have been taking place there over the past month. Russian troops and new equipment are arriving there.

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