Morawiecki: Russia understands that it is losing the war, because the level of atrocity rises - Ukrainian news, Politics

Morawiecki: Russia understands that it is losing the war, because the level of atrocity rises – Ukrainian news, Politics

Morawiecki Russia understands that it is losing the war because

Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Moravecki said that the Russians are aware that they are losing on the battlefield, therefore they use the most cruel methods, directed primarily against the civilian population. He said this while speaking at the founding summit of the Ukrainian initiative Grain from Ukraine in Kyiv.

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Morawiecki compared Russia to Nazi Germany in 1942-1943, which, when defeated on the battlefield, began to use all possible weapons and the most brutal methods.

“Today, Russia, realizing that it is losing this war, is beginning to use new methods – hypothermic attacks, destruction of energy infrastructure facilities, in order to further increase the level of its brutal attitude towards people,” the Polish prime minister said.

According to Morawiecki, it seems to the Russians that they can supposedly force the Ukrainians to lay down their arms with large-scale destruction and attacks.

On Holodomor Remembrance Day, Morawiecki stressed that today the Russians are acting like the USSR, blocking the export of grain from Ukraine to African and Asian countries.

“Creating a Holodomor all over the world so that they agree to their terms is such an erroneous and sick logic of Russia,” the Polish prime minister said.

In his opinion, the attacks of the Russian Federation on civilian infrastructure indicate that Russia has switched to imperialist terror, and if the civilized world allows the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin continue this terror, he will turn into the Stalin of the XXI century.

Morawiecki also said that Poland is confident in the victory of Ukraine and will never stop helping in the war against the “barbarian regime” of the Russian Federation.

“Ukraine must be successful. Let 2023 really become a year of victory and a year of Ukraine’s renewal,” Morawiecki added.

  • Today, Morawiecki arrived in Kyiv on a visit and honored the memory of the victims of the Holodomor at the monument near St. Michael’s Cathedral.
  • The Prime Minister of Poland is also participating in today’s founding summit of the Grain from Ukraine initiative, which involves direct purchases of Ukrainian export grain and its transfer to needy countries in Africa and Asia.

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