More than 4,300 Palestinians have already died in the Gaza Strip


Photo: AP

The Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry said that as of October 21, 4,358 Palestinians had been killed in fighting in the Middle East.

This is reported by the publication The Guardian.

It is also noted that another 13,651 people were injured. Among the dead are 37 medical workers, and seven hospitals are not working.

In addition, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that approximately 700,000 people out of the Gaza Strip’s 1.1 million population had moved to the south of the enclave.

As you know, the relevant hostilities began after the attack of the Hamas group on Israel.

We will remind, on October 17, a hospital was hit in the Gaza Strip. It was reported that “several hundred people died.” The Hamas group blamed Israel for the attack.

The next day, the IDF presented the results of the investigation to prove its innocence of the attack. The Israeli army said that the cause of the explosion in the hospital was the failed launch of a rocket by “Islamic Jihad”.

However, European intelligence believes that Hamas significantly overestimated the number of victims of the attack on the Al-Ahli Hospital in the Gaza Strip. As a result of the explosion, a maximum of 50 people could have died there.

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Source: More than 4,300 Palestinians have already died in the Gaza Strip


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