More than 46,000 explosive objects were defused in the Kharkiv region News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

More than 100 personnel of the State Emergency Service and more than 40 units of special equipment are involved in daily demining work in the region.

This is about the head of HOVA Oleg Sinegubov told on the air of TV channel 1+1.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Kharkiv region is recognized as one of the most littered with explosive objects.

“Currently, our main task is demining approaches and entrances to critical infrastructure objects for their further restoration. These are power grids, water, gas and heat supply facilities. At the same time, we are demining the main roads and directions so that people can move safely,” Oleg Sinegubov emphasized.

According to the head of HOVA, it may take decades to completely clear the territory of the region from explosive objects. Starting from September, pyrotechnicians in Kharkiv region surveyed 1,725 ​​hectares of territory, 250 kilometers of highways, 611 kilometers of power lines, 156 kilometers of railway tracks and 188 kilometers of gas pipelines. More than 46,000 explosive objects were neutralized.

At the same time, the situation is difficult in part of the Kupyan district. The occupiers regularly shell the communities of Dvorichanska, Kindrashivska, Petropavlovska and Kurylivska. The enemy is hitting civilian and critical infrastructure objects, civilians are suffering.

“Given the situation, we continue the voluntary evacuation of residents of the communities of the Kupyan district, where the front line is currently passing, every day. Since November 28, more than 340 people have been evacuated. Currently, we have more than 70 applications for voluntary evacuation,” Oleg Synegubov said.


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