More than 530 episodes of Russian crimes against cultural heritage were recorded in Ukraine



Since the full-scale invasion, the Russian occupiers have committed at least 534 crimes against Ukrainian cultural heritage sites.

Elmira Ablyalimova-Chiygoz, head of the Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies (CISS), announced this at a press conference in Kyiv. write CNN.

It is noted that violations include the transfer of cultural values ​​from the occupied territories, appropriation of cultural monuments, use of cultural values ​​for military purposes, looting of museums, illegal archaeological work, modification and reconstruction of monuments, as well as depriving historical places of their context.

According to Ablyalimova-Chiygoz, 200 violations were recorded in the Crimea temporarily occupied by the Russians. In other occupied territories of Ukraine, 334 violations of cultural heritage were recorded.

The head of the project clarifies that it is currently impossible to independently verify CISS data.

We will remind you that the Ministry of Culture assessed the damage to cultural heritage from the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP.

In March, the USA returned archeological monuments to Ukraine, which the Russians took from the occupied territories.

Earlier it became known that the occupiers took almost 15,000 paintings from Kherson museums.

It was also reported that the occupiers were going to build a railway through ancient burial grounds in Crimea.

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Source: More than 530 episodes of Russian crimes against cultural heritage were recorded in Ukraine


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