Most experienced RF military are dead.  It's in Ukraine's interests to keep pace in winter - Wallace - Ukraine news, Politics

Most experienced RF military are dead. It’s in Ukraine’s interests to keep pace in winter – Wallace – Ukraine news, Politics

Most experienced RF military are dead Its in Ukraines interests

It is in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, well equipped for the winter, to continue the counterattack on the positions of the Russian occupiers during the cold period. The UK Secretary of Defense says so Ben Wallacewhat he said The Daily Beast at the base of the British army in the south of England, where Ukrainians train.

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The head of the country’s Ministry of Defense recalled that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have 300,000 pieces of winter equipment from the international community.

“Given the advantage that Ukrainians have in training and in the quality of their personnel over demoralized, poorly trained and equipped Russians, it would be in Ukraine’s interests to maintain momentum through the winter,” Wallace said.

According to him, he would give such advice to his Ukrainian colleagues, with whom he speaks “almost weekly.”

According to the newspaper, Wallace said this “at a time when high-ranking US officials were trying to push Ukraine from the battlefield to the negotiating table.” It’s about how, two weeks ago, top general of the US Armed Forces Mark Milley doubted that Ukraine could achieve a complete victory on the battlefield in the near future, and therefore, in his opinion, it should use the expected slowdown in military operations in the winter as a “window” for negotiations with Moscow.

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The minister said that he was aware of the situation with the equipment of the mobilized Russians.

“Recently, a Russian unit was deployed without food, socks and with few weapons. This is a disaster for a person going to the fields … The Russians have scales, but they are not very good. Well, most of those who were good are dead, he noted, “they shove them into a meat grinder using massive amounts of artillery. Only a nation that doesn’t care about its own people can send 100,000 of its people to be killed, wounded or deserted.”

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