Mostly seriously ill children and young people went abroad for treatment

Mostly seriously ill children and young people went abroad for treatment

About this told co-founder of the Ukrainian Health Care Center (UHC), ex-deputy minister of health Pavlo Kovtonyuk during the online discussion “What’s wrong with the budget?”, organized by UHC and the Center for Economic Strategy.

The largest consumers of medical services are women of reproductive age, young children, people with chronic diseases and the elderly.

“The first two categories are the lion’s share of those who are abroad today,” says Pavlo Kovtonyuk. – According to UN estimates, this is almost 80% (of all Ukrainian refugees. – ed.). More than 4 million Ukrainians issued residence permits in other countries.”

According to the expert, this slightly balances the budget deficit for the next year (“less money, but also less people”). At the same time, people with chronic diseases and older people mostly stayed in Ukraine.

“Of course, there is a tendency for seriously ill Ukrainians to go abroad,” states the co-founder of UHC. at a very high level. According to the same principle, many Ukrainians with orphan (rare. – ed.) diseases left. As for the chronically ill (people with hypertension, diabetes, etc.), as a rule, these are older people and this is the segment of patients, as decided stay”.

Special calculations of how many doctors went abroad due to the war were not carried out in the organization.

“However, from our experience, we can claim that we lost medical personnel in proportion to the population or even less. Doctors left for security reasons. It was not an economic wave. It was not the result of a career decision,” he added.

  • Estonia, with a population of 1.3 million, sheltered more than 63,000 Ukrainian refugees

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