MTR soldiers discovered a D-30 howitzer. It was destroyed by an attack drone-plane: video – Ukrainian news, Politics


Soldiers of the Special Operations Forces destroyed a Russian D-30 howitzer with a drone. Related video published press service of the MTR command.

The military says that during aerial reconnaissance, fighters discovered enemy artillery positions.

Attack unmanned aerial systems were used.

As a result, the D-30 howitzer was destroyed.

The exact direction of the front is not known. In the recording you can see the preparation for the use of the UAV and the moment the Russian gun was hit.

D-30 is a trailed howitzer of 122 mm caliber, created in the USSR in the late 1950s. It has been put into service since the early 1960s. About 3,600 guns are in service with 35 countries, excluding the countries of the former USSR. It is one of the most popular artillery systems of the post-war period. Popularly nicknamed “Toad”.

  • On August 30, Ukrainian defenders destroyed the invaders’ β€œSolntsepek”, the General Staff reported.
  • At the end of July, a SBU drone effectively flew over the invaders’ β€œSolntsepek”, turning the invaders’ rather rare combat vehicle into a large fireworks display.
  • Video of how soldiers of the 67th Mechanized Brigade “Da Vinci’s Wolves” worked with the captured “Solntsepek” system against the positions of the invaders.

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