Musk suggested renaming Wikipedia obscenely


That’s what he’s about wrote on your page.

Musk initially asked to “fix Wikipedia” on Twitter, but today he published a post in which he expressed skepticism about whether Wikipedia needs so much money due to donations from donors.

“Ever wonder why the Wikimedia Foundation wants so much money? It’s certainly not necessary for Wikipedia to work. You can literally put a copy of the entire text on your phone! So what’s the money for? Curious minds want to know,” Musk wrote. , implying that Wikipedia does not need a large number of expensive servers.

Subsequently, the owner of X announced the need to rename the online encyclopedia.

“I’ll give them a billion dollars if they change their name to Wikipedia,” he wrote, adding a screenshot of Wikipedia’s donation request announcement.

What is known about the conflict between Elon Musk and Jimmy Wales

Musk and Wells have long been in public conflict.

The dispute between the owner of Twitter and the founder of Wikipedia used to be on the background of objectivity and censorship on the Internet. Musk accused Wikipedia of losing its objectivity and having a leftist bias. Wales responded that the online encyclopedia was not for sale and called Musk stupid and incompetent. This conflict lasted several months and had no clear solution. They, too, had different views on how Twitter should function and how to combat fake news.

Wells also criticizes Musk for selling “blue ticks” on Twitter for a fee to verify accounts.



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