NABU completed the investigation of the "Rotterdam+" case

NABU completed the investigation of the “Rotterdam+” case

After reviewing the materials of the so-called “Rotterdam+” case, the updated composition of the SAP prosecutors group made a number of procedural decisions in the proceedings.

This was reported by the press service of the department.

Based on the results of the joint work of the renewed group of prosecutors and detectives of the NABU, as well as a detailed analysis of the evidence collected in the case, a decision was made to notify the six persons involved in the introduction of the so-called “Rotterdam+” formula about the change in the previously notified suspicion regarding the task during 2016-2017 18.87 billion hryvnias in losses to electricity consumers.

The following persons were informed about the change of suspicion:

  • the former head of the National Commission for Regulation in the Energy and Communal Services Sector (hereinafter referred to as NCRECP);
  • to the director of SE “Market Operator” (at the time of introduction of “Rotterdam+” – a member of the NCRECP);
  • to the head of the department of the NCRECP;
  • to the head of the NKREP department;
  • to the deputy commercial director of one of the private companies of the group – a key operator of the heat generation market of Ukraine;
  • to the director of the department of one of the companies of the specified group.

The actions of all persons are classified according to the characteristics of the crime provided for in Part 2 of Art. 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Representatives of private companies are charged with aiding and abetting.

Given the time limit for the pre-trial investigation in the case, on September 22, 2022, the SAP and NABU, recognizing the evidence gathered during the pre-trial investigation as sufficient for drawing up an indictment, notified the defense of the completion of the pre-trial investigation and providing access to the materials of the criminal proceedings.

At the same time, SAP prosecutors, together with NABU detectives, are continuing the investigation into the possible assignment of damages under the so-called Rotterdam+ formula during 2017-2018.

As it is known, the prosecutor of the SAP, Denys Demkiv, closed the “Rotterdam+” case for the fourth time.

We will remind, according to the version of the investigation, the general director of DTEK Merezhi Ivan Gelyukh and another manager of DTEK Borys Lisovyi by prior agreement with the ex-head of NKREKP Dmytro Vovko, former member of the National Commission Volodymyr Yevdokimov, deputy head of the energy market management of NKREKP Taras Revenko and head of the department of this department Volodymyr Butovsky in advance of adoption of the “Rotterdam Plus” formula, the possibility of its implementation was discussed. Initially, the formula was allegedly planned to be applied only to the coal delivered to Ukraine through ports.

However, the amount of such coal was approximately 130,000 tons per year out of the total volume of coal of this grade used at TPPs, which is 25.5 million tons. Later, all the above-mentioned persons agreed to apply this formula to the entire amount of coal, which was proposed by the officials of the NCRECP at the meeting on January 28, 2016. Already on March 3 of the same year, the officials of the National Commission, after receiving permission from the AMCU, ensured consideration of the agenda, which included the issue of the “Rotterdam Plus” formula, which was approved at that meeting. The preliminary examination established the alleged losses of UAH 18.87 billion caused by the implementation of this formula by the NCRECP, since the DTEK group of companies, which had a 70%-80% share in the thermal generation, received excess profits from it.

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Fuente: NABU completed the investigation of the “Rotterdam+” case

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