NABU detectives handed the People's Deputy Volynets an indictment and sent the case to court

NABU detectives handed the People’s Deputy Volynets an indictment and sent the case to court

NABU reported this to Facebook.

It is noted that the deputy was found in one of Kyiv’s hospitals. He was handed an indictment, which has now been sent to the High Anti-Corruption Court for further consideration.

As NABU added, during the pre-trial investigation it was established that the people’s deputy did not enter in the declaration of the person authorized to perform the functions of the state or local self-government for the year 2020, data on the income and car of the person with whom he had a common life, actual mutual obligations ties, as well as the fact of cohabitation.

Also, the actual use of the SUV owned by the suspect’s son was not declared. According to the investigation, the total value of the undisclosed assets is UAH 1.79 million.

On November 28, the indictment against the deputy was sent to the court. The perpetrator’s actions are qualified under Part 1 of Article 366-2 (intentional entry by the subject of the declaration of knowingly false information) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

  • We will remind you that on November 24 NABU announced the search for People’s Deputy of the 9th convocation Mykhailo Volynets, who is suspected of entering unreliable information into the e-declaration. The people’s deputy was charged with suspicion on November 17.

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