NABU is investigating the purchase of batteries by the Ukrzaliznytsia branch


The National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the procurement of accumulator batteries by the “Production Support Center” branch of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” in 2021-2022 at inflated prices.

This is stated in the decision of the Appeals Chamber of the Higher Anti-Corruption Court dated August 9, “Word and Deed” reports.

According to the investigation, officials of the “Production Support Center” branch abused their official position in favor of ADS Service LLC during the procurement of industrial storage batteries. As established, tender procedures were held in 2021-2022, in which the specified company was selected as the winner of the bids and batteries were purchased at inflated prices (at least 30% of the market value).

LLC “ADS”, which is an affiliated company of “ADS Service” LLC, was the manufacturer of the specified accumulator batteries and ensured their supply to UZ. According to NABU, the participants in the specified tenders could take possession of funds in the amount of about 42 million hryvnias.

NABU detectives searched the residence of Inna Sudarska, the former head of the department of supply of components and basic means of the CZV branch. It was she who was listed as the contact person for some purchases. Her mobile phone was taken away. According to the results of the phone inspection, the presence of files and data was found, in particular, contacts regarding the business relations of the branch with LLC “ADS Service” and LLC “ADS” in 2022 and the exchange of documents related to relations with the latter. During the search, Sudarska refused to report the access code to the phone, and agreed only to its hidden entry for the opportunity to examine the phone at the place of the search.

The specified phone was recognized as material evidence and was seized by the decision of the State Security Service. Sudarska’s lawyer filed a complaint against this decision, but the Appeals Chamber of the VAKS left the phone under arrest.

It will be recalled that NABU completed the investigation into the case of bribery of an official of Ukrzaliznytsia. VAKS also arrested a deputy of the Poltava Regional Council from “Batkivshchyna” in the UZ case.

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Source: NABU is investigating the purchase of batteries by the Ukrzaliznytsia branch


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