NASA has restored photos of the Apollo mission that took people to the moon

NASA has restored photos of the Apollo mission that took people to the moon

About this write edition of Universemagazine.

They noted that the idea of ​​restoration came at a time when humanity is returning to the moon with the new Artemis program, which aims to land the first woman and an African-American on the surface of our satellite.

“Now, thanks to the wizardry of photo restorer Andy Saunders, we can once again explore historic events in unprecedented detail. Collected together in the remarkable new book Apollo Remastered, Saunders, who is one of NASA’s leading experts in digital restoration, has used cutting-edge techniques and skills to create the highest-quality images of Apollo, that have ever been created. These photos show very accurately what the Moon really was like,” the publication writes.

This December marks 50 years since humans last set foot on the moon and took the last pictures on its surface.

“In the next decade, we can expect not only new spectacular photos from the surface of the Moon, but also the opportunity to look at our satellite in a completely different way thanks to 360-degree videos, or through the glasses of VR headsets that will allow us to feel like an astronaut,” – added in the edition.

  • We will remind, NASA will pay $228 million for the spacesuits in which people will return to the moon again

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