NBU resumes circulation of state securities.  Ukraine news

NBU resumes circulation of state securities. Ukraine news

It was reported National Bank of Ukraine.

“The depository of the National Bank of Ukraine resumes operations with state securities. Previously, a similar decision was made by the specialized regulator of capital markets – the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market,” the message reads.

The National Bank noted that this will provide additional resources for rebuilding the economy. Resumption of operations with securities will enable financial institutions to determine their market value.

Despite the absence of restrictions on the circulation of securities, the National Bank postponed the application of tariffs for depository services until December 22, 2022. Such a step will enable capital market participants to gradually adapt their business processes to the new conditions in the financial markets.

Also, the depository of the National Bank urged clients to minimize and, if possible, cancel tariffs for depository services during the absence of depository tariffs in order to attract additional investments to support the economy of Ukraine.

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