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Podolyak explained what the dictator’s statement meant.

Podolyak reacted to Putin’s latest statement / photo UNIAN

Putin’s only idea is to destroy Ukraine, he talks about negotiations only to get a pause to strengthen his troops.

Yes, on the air of the TV channel FREEΠ”OM the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak, commented on Putin’s recent statement that Russia has allegedly never given up on negotiations.

“Negotiations about what? A man entered someone else’s territory, killed people. What should be negotiated with him? About what peace? No, it’s not about peace. He offers capitulation: “You must admit that I killed your people correctly, that I in general, I have the right to cut you all here.” Talk to him about this?” – he was indignant.

According to Podolyak, negotiations with Russia can only take place in The Hague, and it is time for the world community to understand this. “You can’t talk to a murderer who demonstratively kills. Because he offers you neither peace, nor rules, nothing. He offers you to legitimize his right to kill you,” added the adviser to the OP head.

He explained that the Kremlin is thus trying to involve everyone in a “traditional game for Russia.”

“Let’s sit down for mock negotiations, we will humiliate them there, the intensity of the fire will decrease, and at this time we will be able to collect the resource we need, carry out a certain upgrade, rotation, recruit mobilized. Well, we will continue to cut… He is not offers negotiations, He says: “Give us a break so that we can recruit people and finish them off there.” Well, it should not be called negotiations like that, Podolyak stressed.

The Kremlin’s latest statements about the negotiations

It will be recalled that Putin, during the meeting with Oleksandr Lukashenko in Sochi, said that Moscow “never refused negotiations with Ukraine.”

At the same time, he, commenting on the words of the Secretary of State that it takes two to tango, said that everyone will have to “dance the lady”, referring to the Russian dance.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, also stated that they are allegedly ready “to respond to all serious initiatives regarding the Russian-Ukrainian settlement.”

At the same time, in the spring, he said that negotiations can only take place “from the point of view of the realities that have developed, and taking into account the legitimate interests and concerns of the Russian Federation.”

And last fall, when Putin announced the annexation of Ukrainian territories, he said that the Russian Federation was ready for negotiations, but the results of the pseudo-referendums would not be discussed.

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