New US defense strategy: Russia called "acute threat", China - long-term - Ukraine news, Politics

New US defense strategy: Russia called “acute threat”, China – long-term – Ukraine news, Politics

Pentagon published a new National Defense Strategy, in which Russia is designated as an “acute threat” and China as a long-term and strategic threat.

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In the text of the US National Defense Strategy, Russia, due to an open military invasion of Ukraine, is designated as an “acute” or “actual” threat (acute threat).

“Despite the fact that the PRC represents a difficult task for the Department, recent events highlight the acute threat posed by Russia. Despising the independence of its neighbors, the Russian government seeks to use force to change borders and restore the sphere of imperialist influence,” the document says.

It is emphasized that although the Kremlin’s political and military attempts to split NATO have backfired, the threat remains on the agenda. Russia poses “serious, ongoing risks in key areas” that include nuclear threats to the United States and its allies and partners, long-range cruise missile threats, cyber and information operations, anti-space threats, chemical and biological weapons, submarine warfare, and extensive shadow warfare campaigns targeting democratic institutions in particular.

The Pentagon believes that “Russia has combined these capabilities and methods into an overall strategy that, like the PRC, aims to exploit geographic and temporal advantages, backed up by a mixture of threats to the US and its allies and partners.”

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