News of the Donetsk region - traffic jams at the entrance to Mariupol

News of the Donetsk region – traffic jams at the entrance to Mariupol

According to the adviser of the mayor of Mariupol, people are trying to “move from survival to life”.

Traffic jams in Donetsk region / Screenshot Traffic jams in Donetsk region / Screenshot

Residents of the north of Donetsk region and Donetsk are fleeing to Russia due to the lack of basic living conditions.

This was reported by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko in his Telegram channels. According to him, the traffic jam at the entrance to Mariupol from the Donetsk direction stretched for 5 kilometers.

“They are not fleeing from war and hostilities. They are fleeing from the lack of water. Electricity. Heat. From the basic conditions of life. In an effort to move from survival to life. Here it is, the consequence of Russia. Direct and undeniable. Ruin. Complete ruin,” he wrote .

Andryushchenko added that the inhabitants of the destroyed Mariupol also began to flee from the Holodomor.

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“The traffic jam from the village of Bezymenne to the border with Moscow is more than 30 km. Cars. From 10 hours of waiting in the field for the sake of survival. Rage. Just Rage,” he added.

News of Donetsk region

Earlier, military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that a real humanitarian disaster awaits occupied Donetsk.

According to Andryushchenko, currently only up to 25% of multi-story buildings in Mariupol are equipped with centralized heating.

In November, the city council of the occupied city reported that about 150 people die in Mariupol every week.

According to the resistance center, in Makiivka, the Russian invaders handed out summonses in queues for water – there was no centralized water supply there.

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