Next winter will be the most difficult for the whole world.  This is Russia's last bet - Zelensky - Ukraine news, Politics

Next winter will be the most difficult for the whole world. This is Russia’s last bet – Zelensky – Ukraine news, Politics

Russia is doing everything to make the coming winter the most difficult test for the whole world and deadly for Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this in speech at the international forum YES in Kyiv.

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“It will be 90 days that will test our faith in victory,” Zelensky said.

The President believes that Russia will do everything this winter to “break the resistance of Ukraine, the resistance of Europe and the resistance of the whole world. This is her last argument. The last, I am sure of this: the ruthlessness of the winter period, which supposedly should help when human ruthlessness is not enough. And we must be ready – not to break, not to lose unity, not to go astray.”

To do this, Zelensky believes, the world must overcome the price crisis, which Russia is trying to exacerbate by destabilizing markets, provoking hunger and intimidating peoples. Protecting yourself from this crisis “is possible only through the complete dismantling of Russian influence on European societies, on world markets and on the global information environment,” the president said.

He reiterated that “the winter will be hard for everyone – from Latvia and Poland to Britain and the United States.”

“But we can make sure that this winter will be the most difficult for Russia, for the one who is responsible for all the problems created – military, social, price, energy and many others. We can make sure that after these 90 days the path to our victory will become clearer,” Zelensky said.

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