Night shelling of Kharkiv with MLRS: stories of residents of Pavlovo Field  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Night shelling of Kharkiv with MLRS: stories of residents of Pavlovo Field News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Ihor lives in Pavlovo Pole. He tells about the night shelling: as soon as they heard the first series of explosions, he and his wife ran into the corridor.


And then came the second series. The window was broken and it was very noisy. The gas pipe was damaged, gas went out. We called the gasmen, we ourselves were sitting in the entrance.


Very scary. The first thoughts are that the child does not remain an orphan. Thank God she is not here. Night, dark, scary. Thank God, alive.

Svetlana left Kharkiv with her child. The day before, she returned home for a few days. She says she was afraid that nothing would happen to the road. Now fear the approaching night. On August 4, around 10 p.m., the occupiers shelled several districts: Shevchenkivskyi, Industrialnyi, and Saltivskyi.

Dmytro Chubenko, spokesman of the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

The shelling was previously carried out from rocket salvo systems. At the place where the shells hit, windows in apartment buildings were broken.

Residential buildings, shops, a market, educational institutions – schools and kindergartens – and children’s playgrounds came under attack. As a result of the shelling, two men aged 26 and 38 and a 46-year-old woman were hospitalized with injuries. They were outside during the shelling. The condition of one of the men is stable and serious, he is in intensive care. The other two are in moderate condition.


Nightmare. You know, I’ve seen a lot in my life, but I got scared. It all started on the other side, I was standing smoking. There were three explosions somewhere far away, and then there was hell. And then, to be honest, I didn’t think anymore – I rushed to the door, to the exit. And you can’t go out on the site either – if it hurts, everything will collapse. Well, it was long.

Cars in the yard were damaged by debris. Vasyl wonders how his Deu Nexia didn’t ignite at all.


Here is my office space. The consequences of the arrival – broken windows. Of course, it’s very annoying. Compared to the fact that people’s houses are destroyed, windows are such a small destruction that they can be restored. The house is intact, the people are intact.

Law enforcement officers and explosives technicians are working at the sites of shelling, removing projectile fragments and unexploded ammunition. It is established what exactly Kharkiv was shelled with. We are talking about multiple types of reactive salvo fire systems.

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