North Korea has declared itself a nuclear power

North Korea has declared itself a nuclear power

About this reports Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

It is noted that the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea has approved a new nuclear doctrine. It declares the DPRK a nuclear power and enshrines the right to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes for self-defense.

The original 2013 law provided that North Korea could use nuclear weapons to repel an invasion or attack by an enemy nuclear power and to retaliate. However, the new law allows for pre-emptive nuclear strikes in the event of an “imminent attack” using weapons of mass destruction.

The law also promises “not to threaten” non-nuclear states with nuclear weapons.

The DPRK has also banned any exchange of nuclear weapons or technology with other countries and prohibits any talks on denuclearization.

By law, Kim Jong Un would have sole control over the nuclear armed forces.

Earlier, Kim Jong-un said that North Korea is ready to mobilize the means of deterring nuclear war. According to him, nuclear threats from the US require North Korea to fulfill an “urgent historical task” – to strengthen its self-defense.

  • On August 1, the United States announced that North Korea was planning another nuclear test.
  • On August 17, North Korea launched two cruise missiles toward the Yellow Sea. It was North Korea’s first missile launch since January 2022 and came a day after the start of the annual U.S.-South Korea Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS) military exercises.

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