North Korea has enshrined in its constitution a policy of building up nuclear forces



The Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea has unanimously approved an amendment to the country’s constitution, which provides for the consolidation of the policy on the buildup of nuclear forces.

It is reported Reuters.

The constitution states that the DPRK is “developing powerful nuclear weapons to guarantee its rights to exist and deter war.”

“The policy of the DPRK regarding the buildup of nuclear forces has become permanent and has become the basic law of the state, which no one is allowed to violate”– said the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, addressing the parliament.

He called for “exponentially increasing the production of nuclear weapons, diversifying the means of nuclear strike and using them in different services.” In addition, Kim urged officials to continue to strengthen solidarity with countries that oppose the United States.

Analysts say the constitutional change signals a further acceleration of North Korea’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons and is likely to be followed by increased military cooperation with Russia.

We will remind, in September last year, North Korea approved a new nuclear doctrine. The law declares North Korea a nuclear power and enshrines the right to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes in self-defense.

More about the doctrines of nuclear countries can be found on the “Word and Deed” infographic.

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Source: North Korea has enshrined in its constitution a policy of building up nuclear forces


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