Norwegian police arrested two Russians for illegal drone filming

Norwegian police arrested two Russians for illegal drone filming

This is reported by the publication VG.

The report said that the 51-year-old man was detained on Friday morning with a large amount of photographic equipment, including a drone and several memory cards. It is reported that military aircraft, namely a Bell helicopter belonging to the Norwegian armed forces, fell into his lens.

Norwegian police say that the man does not live in the country and explained that he crossed the border in Sturskoog on Thursday on his way to Svalbard on a work trip. The man admitted to flying the drone, but says he was only taking pictures for private purposes.

He is accused of operating a drone in Norway and has been detained for two weeks so far. The police are asking to extend the detention period up to four weeks.

VG states that the court fears that the detainee will destroy evidence in the case.

Previously, the Norwegian police delayed of another Russian who was illegally filming with drones at the Russian-Norwegian crossing point Sturskug.. Friends of the detainee claim that he is just a photographer, and that his detention is “police schizophrenia”.

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