Not only the threat of explosions.  First case of botulism in Kharkiv.  |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Not only the threat of explosions. First case of botulism in Kharkiv. | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

A 40-year-old patient with symptoms of botulism was hospitalized at the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital. As established in Kharkiv Lab Center, a townsman was poisoned by dried, uncleaned crucian carp that he bought at a kiosk. This point is currently under review.

As previously reported, botulism is a serious food toxic infection that occurs as a result of the exotoxin of bacteria entering the human body Clostridiumbotulinum. Пdue to the incubation period, which lasts from one to two hours to 10 days, a person develops symptoms, among which the specific, characteristic for this disease symptoms associated with muscle paralysis come to the fore: visual disturbances (“fog” or “netting” in front of the eyes, diplopia (double vision); difficulty swallowing, the voice becomes hoarse, quiet or completely disappears; in severe cases – difficulty breathing. When such symptoms occur – and this is the most important – it is necessary to seek qualified medical help as soon as possible, because the only the method of treatment is the administration of botulinum antitoxin to the patient.

At the same time, we remind and emphasize that in the summer period of the year, when there are favorable conditions for the life activity of the causative agent of botulism, the risks associated not only with the use of home-made products, but also industrially produced products, increase significantly. According to the results of long-term epidemiological observations, the cause of most cases of botulism in the Kharkiv region is precisely dried (dried) fish. And that is why we recommend salted fish lovers to refrain from eating this food product in the warm period of the year. Moreover, doctors are currently overloaded.


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