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A video has appeared online showing pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territory, allegedly in Oleshki, Kherson region. A car with a Russian military man drove up to the womanโ€™s house, the occupiers demanded to vote.

In the video, a car drives up to the house and stops.

People get out of the car and say twice through the loudspeaker: โ€œResidents of building 32, we are approaching the mobile voting point.โ€

The footage shows a Russian military man wearing a helmet and balaclava.

The occupants walk near the gate and aggressively hit it, the video ends.

The Center for National Resistance called for people to bypass the โ€œpolling stationsโ€ created by the occupiers and, if possible, to leave their homes during the โ€œautumn aggravation of the enemy.โ€

  • The Main Intelligence Directorate appealed to Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories to collect information about the pseudo-elections that the invaders want to hold, and explained what data was needed.
  • The Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights noted that the occupiers distribute Russian passports before the โ€œvotingโ€ and control that Ukrainians check the box for Putinโ€™s United Russia party.
  • Source LIGA.net law enforcement agencies reported the data of 15 collaborators who are preparing pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied Lugansk region.

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Source: liga.net


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