OLX will remove ads for the sale of Ukrzaliznytsia tickets


It informs press office.

“We continue the systematic fight against ticket fraudsters. All announcements for the sale of railway tickets on the OLX service have already been deleted, and it will simply be impossible to post new ones,” said the head of Ukrzaliznytsia Yevhen Lyashchenko.

Most of the ticket ads on the ticketing site were reportedly owned by fraudsters. People who bought such tickets became victims of fraud. They either did not receive a ticket at all, or they were sent fake ones.

“Our specialists have already blocked more than 20 ads for the sale of railway tickets. We have also developed an algorithm that will prevent such ads from being published in the future,” explained Ihor Syrovatko, director of OLX’s customer service department in Ukraine and Central Asia.

Ukrzaliznytsia emphasizes that by buying tickets from resellers, Ukrainians may not travel at all. In addition, it favors ticket speculators while someone who really needs to go loses the opportunity to buy a ticket.

  • Ukrzaliznytsia is celebrating the anniversary of its application, which was used by more than a million passengers. More than 4 million tickets were purchased.

Fuente: espreso.tv


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