On OLX, they tried to sell a sick Red Book animal for thousands of dollars (video)


A sick and exhausted animal will not be able to live in the wild even after rehabilitation.

They tried to sell a sick Red Book animal on OLX / UNIAN collage, screenshot from the video

They tried to sell a red book lynx in terrible condition on a Ukrainian classifieds website for 3.8 thousand dollars, according to the story of TSN.

As animal rights activist Yaroslava Koba said, she learned about the sale of a red-listed animal from subscribers who saw the ad. Then she decided to call the police and take the animal away.

“The photograph of this little fox, $3,800. … We thought out the legend clearly, we corresponded with this person for two weeks. The main goal was to collect details of this business, to hand it over to the police,” says Koba.

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The animal rights activist says that the owners of the red-listed animal praised her in their correspondence, saying that she is kind and treats children well. It was also proposed to breed with cats in the future (for example, Maine Coon breeds).

“They sent us a video of a woman in a pool with a lynx swimming. And the caption was, ‘Praise us because the lynx is trying.’ And I’m like, ‘Seriously? The conditions for the lynx are to swim in the pool so that the crazy owner can get views on TikTok?”, the woman is indignant.

In the end, animal rights activists agreed with the owners of the animal to buy it. The meeting took place just in the parking lot near one of the shopping centers in Kyiv. The lynx was brought in a transport for cats, and then released into the street. Police officers also arrived at the meeting and demanded that the man hand over the animal. Despite the fact that the man did not have any documents for the animal, he did not agree to give the animal voluntarily.

“I do not agree with the fact that you are taking the animal. I will not give it back. It is not possible to forcibly take it away,” the man who brought the lynx for sale said to the camera.

The police persuaded him to give up the animal, but in the end they were forced to use force.

“We were very afraid that the animal would run away, because it was a free space. It was unattended, without a leash. We quickly moved it to another place, bought a carrier, and already delivered it to the center,” says Olga Kiyanytsia, spokeswoman for the Obukhov administration police of the Kyiv region.

The sale and keeping of red-listed animals at home is prohibited in Ukraine, but there is no criminal liability for this, as are the authorities responsible for monitoring such ads. The owner’s features are threatened only with a fine – in the amount of up to 160 thousand hryvnias.

“We did not detain the man, because this is an administrative offense. It is not a crime. We could not arrest him,” the police spokeswoman added.

The removed lynx is currently in one of Kyiv’s veterinary clinics. Vets say it’s a girl, she’s about 3.5 months old. They note that the weight and size of the animal’s body are insufficient, it has rickets and worms.

“She has a very bad appearance. She was obviously not properly fed. Perhaps there will still be a lot of health problems. … 25-30% that she will survive at all, survive the quarantine, recover a little,” says Maryna Shkvarya, co-owner a bear shelter, which receives animals that were illegally kept in circuses and cafes.

After rehabilitation, the lynx will probably go abroad – to one of the centers for wild animals, because there are currently no such in Ukraine. The animal will still have to live in captivity: it is not capable of surviving in the wild.

Killing of red-listed animals in Ukraine

Last year it became known that tortured animals were found at one of the positions left by the Russian occupiers in the Kherson region. This is a red book gray hamster.

This year, in Odesa region, poachers were caught who killed a rare Red Book fish – a 125-kilogram beluga.

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