One of the EU countries agreed on the purchase of almost half a thousand HIMARS systems


Mariusz BlaszczakReuters

The Polish government has approved an agreement to purchase 486 units of HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems from the United States of America.

This is reported by the publication RMF 24quoting the statement of Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

According to his words, the supply of American MLRS will begin at the end of 2025. The minister noted that this is exactly the number of installations that Poland needs in order to deter the aggressor.

“Together with the 18 launchers ordered in 2019 – one division, the Polish Army will have more than 500 HIMARS launchers in 28 divisions”– added Blaschak.

The head of the Polish department clarified that HIMARS will be difficult to adapt and integrate with Polish systems. This process will continue for two years after the delivery of the MLRS.

As you know, earlier Poland ordered Abrams tanks from the USA.

We will remind that Poland received the first HIMARS launchers on May 15.

Poland has also announced its desire to open a service center for American Abrams tanks in Europe and to manufacture shells for them with depleted uranium. NATO military equipment warehouses are also planned to be built on the territory of the country, which will give it the opportunity to be even more protected.

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Source: One of the EU countries agreed on the purchase of almost half a thousand HIMARS systems


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