One of the most effective hacker groups in the Russian Federation has increased the number of attacks against Ukraine,


About this informs The State Intelligence Service, referring to the report “Russian Cyber ​​Operations: Changing Tactics, Goals, and Capabilities of Hacking Groups of the Russian Government and Groups Controlled by It.”

It is noted that the UAC-0010 / Gamaredon / Armageddon group includes former traitorous “officers” of the SBU in Crimea, who in 2014 began working for the Russian FSB.

According to the State Intelligence Service, Russian hackers of this group increased the number of attacks on Ukrainian resources in the first half of 2023.

“The government computer emergency response team of Ukraine CERT-UA, which operates under the State Special Communications Service, registered 103 incidents during this period. For comparison, 128 cases were registered for the whole of 2022 (76 – during the second half of 2022)” , the message says.

The State Intelligence Service reports that 54.1% of cyber attacks fall on resources related to law enforcement activities. In addition, Russian hackers showed interest in all organizations related to the defense forces of Ukraine.

“The most common tactic of this group is the distribution of malicious software, while other groups are mostly focused on phishing campaigns,” the State Intelligence Service added.

  • Earlier, the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is responsible for monitoring the rules of war, published for the first time the rules for civilian hackers participating in conflicts, in particular in the war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.



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