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Mobilization, military gatherings, hunting season, winter fishing, tactical games and tourist expeditions – preparing for all these events will help military merchant. Military equipment store “Militarka” presents a large selection of tactical and civilian equipment.

The main focus of the company is on the quality of goods, therefore the military trade catalog includes high-quality products of reputable Ukrainian and Western companies, as well as products of its own production. Direct supply from manufacturers makes it possible to shorten delivery times, minimize intermediary costs and ensure competitive prices. For retail and wholesale orders, you can contact the “Militarka” online store or the offline military market Kyiv (there are two retail outlets in the capital).


The nomenclature of the store includes more than 15 thousand names of goods. Including:

  • Professional equipment for military use, addressed to servicemen of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine (the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the State Security Service, the State Security Service, the State Security Service, etc.). This is a very large group of products that includes military clothing, footwear, headgear, protective equipment, weapon accessories (scopes, thermal imagers), storage systems (backpacks, briefcases, medical bags, tablets, etc.) and medical field kits.

The assortment includes t-shirts and vests, camouflage suits, camouflage uniforms, winter, summer and demi-season sets, as well as individual elements of men’s and women’s army clothing. Visitors to the store can also purchase holsters, bulletproof vests, plate carriers, gun covers, knee and elbow pads, binoculars, safety glasses and headphones, hydrators, military paraphernalia (patches, badges, emblems) and much more.

  • Special equipment for employees of various fields of civil protection (patrol police, emergency services, etc.). The catalog includes clothing, shoes, dampers, covers, holsters, summaries, tactical belts, trench coats, hats, etc.

  • Clothing and ammunition for employees of security companies โ€” t-shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, sneakers, berets, unloading vests, magazine covers, handcuffs, gas canisters, summaries and much more.

  • Everything necessary for fishermen and hunters (amateurs and professionals) โ€” suits (summer, winter, demi-season), shoes (boots, boots), headgear (caps, hats, mosquito nets) and accessories (knives, cartridge pouches, bandoliers, toroks).

  • Goods for lovers of outdoor activities and those preparing for long trips and expeditions โ€” functional clothes and shoes for different seasons (underwear, sports and softshell suits, boots, sneakers), hiking equipment (backpacks, tents, sleeping bags) , camping tables and chairs, gas burners, etc.) and camping essentials.

  • Equipment for fans of such tactical team games as paintball and airsoft. Upon request ยซmilitary trader Ukraineยป in the online store you can find sports pistols, automatic weapons, machine guns, rifles and other small arms, as well as consumables, loaders, batteries, masks, suspensions.

  • Clothing and ammunition for historical reenactments โ€” military uniforms, shoes, equipment, badges, etc.

  • Spectacular souvenir and gift products โ€” branded knives, original flasks, designer travel sets, etc.

Tactical clothing and footwear in “Militarka” stores are presented in a wide range of sizes. All equipment can be purchased in the desired colors, according to the terrain, season, regulatory requirements for uniforms or personal preferences.

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