OP described the situation at the front - UNIAN

OP described the situation at the front – UNIAN

According to Arestovych, the occupiers cannot achieve any success.

Fighting continues in the Kherson direction, the occupiers receive retaliatory blows from the Armed Forces / UNIAN Fighting continues in the Kherson direction, the occupiers receive retaliatory blows from the Armed Forces / UNIAN

Advisor to the president’s office, Oleksiy Arestovych, described the situation at the front. He told what is currently happening near Bakhmut and whether there are battles in the Kherson region.

On the air with the Russian oppositionist Mark Feigin, Arestovich reminded that in recent weeks, many people have died in Kherson, who came under fire from the Russian Federation. Rashists, considering the city “theirs”, hit it and kill the civilian population.

Fighting continues in the Kherson direction, the occupiers receive retaliatory blows from the Armed Forces, artillery duels are taking place between them, Arestovych noted. However, the defenders of Ukraine have an advantage – HIMARS, and therefore the Rashists “receive” much more “heat” than the military of our country.

“It is necessary to understand very clearly that until they (the occupiers – UNIAN) are pushed back to a decent few tens of kilometers from the coast, the shelling of Kherson will continue. Therefore, everyone who lives in Kherson must decide for themselves what to do next: to stay or not to stay …” – noted Arestovych and urged people not to ignore alarm signals.

The councilor of the OP also spoke about the situation at the front in the Vugledara area. Russian troops cannot boast of success there. According to Arestovych, the armed forces are actively disrupting all the plans of the Rashists. From Maryinka to Bakhmut, the occupiers began to show activity. The councilor of the OP said that the Russians are particularly active in the direction southwest of Horlivka.

“That’s where they concentrated their efforts. “PVKashniki”, personnel units, mobilized – they are trying to break through the front and move in the direction of cutting, as I understand it, the highway. There are no other options there, Avdiivka and Kostyantynivka… Here they are hitting Ozaryanivka district, where we have the main point of effort… And the situation there is rather difficult, because, as usual, the concentration of the prevailing enemy forces, artillery and so on in a narrow area,” Arestovych said and noted that our troops are working in answer and repulse the enemy.

In the area of ​​Bakhmut and Soledar, a “usual picture” is observed, added the councilor of the OP. Rashists make several attacks during daylight hours. However, Arestovych noted that the occupiers are unable to do anything, and that is why “new layers” of dead Russians are appearing in the fields.

“The Kreminnaya region and from Kreminnaya to Svatovoy, the initiative there belongs rather to the Ukrainian side. They (the occupiers – UNIAN) cut back, carry out short counterattacks that are of no importance above the tactical. This is what we always said: 2-3 platoons, 1- 2 companies are trying to solve some problem by capturing the next intersection, heights, the outskirts of the village and the forest strip. But without much success,” Arestovych summarized.

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The situation at the front

According to ISW analysts, the pace of hostilities at the front will increase in Ukraine in the coming weeks. The air temperature in our country is gradually falling, and the ground on the front line is freezing, so new battles will soon begin.

Meanwhile, the losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine crossed a new “red line”. As of November 27, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 87,000 occupiers.

It is reported that the occupiers shelled the Kherson region 54 times during the day, and there are casualties and casualties. One child is among the wounded. And in Melitopol, the collaborators are looking for ways to escape to the Russian Federation.

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