Optical illusion – find the extra in the picture


Only the most attentive can handle it.

UNIAN collage / photo by Jagranjosh,

Test your eyesight in just 5 seconds with a new interesting puzzle published by the portal Jagranjosh.

Before you is a picture in which you can see many horses. An animal different from them hid among the same ones. The horse to be found has no tail. You have only 5 seconds to find the “impostor”.

Set the timer, then look carefully at the picture and find the animal.

photo Jagranjosh photo Jagranjosh

Puzzles and optical illusions are known to improve cognitive abilities and train the brain.

If you couldn’t find the horse, you can see the correct answer below. Do not worry and try your hand at solving other illusions.

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The horse without a tail hid in the lower part of the picture, in the third column and the eighth row.

photo Jagranjosh photo Jagranjosh

More interesting puzzles:

Previously, UNIAN published a rather complex optical illusion, on which you need to find a small hedgehog. You will have only 15 seconds to find the animal.

You can also try to solve the “cartoon” puzzle with ducklings. Only an attentive person can find a chicken among them in 8 seconds.

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