Orban said that assistance to Ukraine is “not Hungary’s interest, but civilized behavior” | News of Ukraine


Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban stated that helping Ukraine is “not the interest” of his country, but “simple civilized behavior.” His statement quotes channel neČT24.

According to him, Budapest “does not accept the argument of the Ukrainians, which sounds like they are now sacrificing themselves for us.”

“This is all not true. Ukrainians are not now sacrificing themselves for the sake of Hungary. The statement that Ukrainians are now defending European freedom, Europe or Hungary from Russia is not true. Ukraine does not protect us. We can protect ourselves together with NATO. Our security is not ensured Ukraine,” Orban said.

He noted that “that is why Hungary is helping, and not because it is in its interests.”

not CT24
not CT24

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Source: liga.net


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