Over 400 objects damaged by shelling in 16 regions of Ukraine during Oct 10-20 – Shmyhal

Over 400 objects damaged by shelling in 16 regions of Ukraine during Oct 10-20 – Shmyhal

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that from October 10 to October 20, more than 400 objects in 16 regions of Ukraine were damaged as a result of shelling by Russian invaders.

“The Russian army has identified our energy sector as one of the key targets of its attacks. Shelling of generation, that is, objects that produce electricity. Shelling of electricity distribution systems, that is, power lines, thanks to which each of us has electricity at home. From October 10 to October 20, more than 400 facilities in 16 regions of our country were damaged as a result shelling, including dozens of energy facilities,” Shmyhal said at a government meeting on Friday.

Also, according to the prime minister, in parallel with this, Ukrainian energy facilities are under constant cyberattacks.

“Our task is to prevent this. Despite the fact that strikes on the energy infrastructure have been inflicted for more than a week, the situation remains difficult, but under control. We have significantly increased the number of repair teams. Additional repair equipment has been purchased and stored in safe places. Partner countries are constantly providing needed help,” he said.

In particular, Shmyhal spoke about $55 million from the United States for the repair and maintenance of gas pipes, as well as the provision of power generators, alternative fuel sources for social infrastructure, as well as EUR 70 million from the Netherlands, as well as Denmark’s assistance with the passage of the heating season in Mykolaiv region.

“There are preliminary agreements with Norway and the UK on gas supplies, especially in case of critical need in winter. The EU and Canada are also joining in to help. Transmission system operators from Belgium, Poland, Germany, Italy and other countries are transferring generators, transformer equipment, wires, insulators for power lines and much more to our Ukrenergo. They are transmitting not only now, but all these months, thanks to which we can quickly resume electricity supplies,” he said.

The prime minister said that almost all territories controlled by Ukraine are provided with electricity.

“Now 99% of the settlements where there is no electricity on a permanent basis are either occupied territories or settlements in the immediate vicinity of the combat zone, and there are no opportunities to make repairs,” Shmyhal stated.

Fuente: interfax.com.ua

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