Pegasus is studying the situation regarding flights in the Russian Federation due to drone attacks from Ukraine


About this write Bloomberg.

“Russian airports and Russian airspace react quickly to stop operations in the event of a drone strike,” CEO Guliz Öztürk said in an interview in Lisbon. “It causes disruptions, it’s a daily challenge.”

She reported that about 3% of Pegasus’ traffic comes from Russia.

The publication notes that European and American carriers have stopped flying over Russia, while Emirates and many Chinese airlines still cross the airspace.

  • It should be noted that drone attacks on Moscow have recently become regular. Almost every one of them is accompanied by the closure of the airports of the capital of the Russian Federation. And this means cancellation, delay or rerouting of flights. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation blames Ukraine for the attacks, but Kyiv does not confirm them. One of the previous attacks took place on the night of September 7.
  • We will remind you that the airline “Turkmenistan” stopped flights to Moscow after drone attacks that affect the operation of the “Vnukovo” airport.
  • On September 9, the Egyptian Red Sea Airlines announced the suspension of flights to Moscow for two weeks, from September 8 to 17, 2023



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