People will start coming back if we have enough air defense – Zelensky |


Ukrainians who went to other countries because of the war will start to return home and work for the good of their country, if Ukraine has enough air defense to protect them, and accordingly this will lead to the fact that Kyiv will not need so much financial help from the West.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, said this in an interview The Suninforms Ukrainian Pravda.

“We don’t need anything – only air defense on the front line. The Biden administration is helping, Europe is helping, but it’s not enough.

It’s really not enough, because, for example, I know that if the largest cities in Ukraine had total air defense for their regions – not only for the city, but for the territories surrounding them – then we would return virtually all our people from different countries.

If we brought them back, they would work and pay taxes.

And this would probably not be enough, but basically it would fill the gap in our budget, and we would not need so much money and financial assistance from the States and from European partners.”

In his impassioned appeal, the president said that Kyiv would find a way to buy, lease or jointly produce weapons if allies no longer wanted to provide them for free, but for that it needed to have air defenses that would allow Ukrainians to return home.

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